Leadership Lessons from the Proverbs—#1

The Proverbs have an amazing, even dazzling array of wisdom, I have been wanting to glean a series from Proverbs. There is so much there for so many areas our lives. Please note, these are ‘leadership’ lessons from the Proverbs—not ‘spiritual’ lessons from the Proverbs. Applying the scriptures to all areas of life, not just spiritual. Don’t be upset if you don’t get the takeaway I see from a leadership perspective. Look at it from a life-growth point-of-view. Enjoy! (more…)

Intentionality—The Key to Your Success

According to Statistics Brain only 8% of those that make New Years Resolutions are successful at them.

Wow. Why bother?

Contrast that sad number with another statistic: 92% of those that signed up with Jenny Craig succeeded at taking the weight off. In other words, they succeeded at their resolution—so to speak.

Why did 92% of them succeed when only 8% of us normal-new-years-resolutions-type-folks succeeded?


Senior High Mentorship Program Starts August 23, 2016

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Do you have the necessary skills to lead yourself and others into a successful life? Most people don’t learn leadership and even less actually study it. Now you have the opportunity to help you get all the necessary skills to become a world-class leader in any organization—and even if leading others isn’t your goal, you still need to lead yourself well. Extremely well.